privacy policy
In accordance with federal law, we are advising you of how we use the information we receive when we handle your escrow, and your rights regarding the disclosure of this information to our affiliates and to third parties who are not affiliated with this company.

When we process your escrow, we receive non-public, personal information about you from many sources, such as lenders and/or proposed lenders, your creditors, banks, real estate and mortgage brokers, insurance agencies and companies, credit reporting agencies, title companies, and employers, among others.

We use this information to process your escrow. We may disclose some or all of the information received to persons and companies who are affiliated or not affiliated with us, such as lenders, banks, real estate and mortgage brokers, insurance companies and title companies, in order to complete our duties in handling your escrow. We may use your name and address in marketing our services. We do not sell your information to other companies.

If you do not wish to limit disclosure of personal information which we obtain about you in accordance with our policy, you need do nothing. If you do wish to limit disclosure of the information we receive, other than as permitted by law, please provide us with a written, dated and signed notice. Please note, however, that if you restrict our ability to work with others involved in your transaction, we reserve the right to withdraw as escrow holder.


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