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To be successful, a company must have goals. The goal of our staff is to provide the public with the highest professional quality escrow services and to do so with honesty, integrity, hard work, and common sense. If you have not yet allowed us the privilege of handling your escrow, we invite you to contact us regarding any questions you may have.


Cornerstone Escrow, Inc. is a full service escrow company which handles transactions in the following areas:

Residential Sale
New Housing Tracts
Mobile Homes
Other Income Property
Liquor License Transfers
HUD Homes

Holding Escrows
Bulk Sales
1031 Exchanges
Commercial Industrial
Hotel Transactions
Short Sales
Stock Transfers


We are committed to providing quality service and satisfaction to our clients.


Our team consists of:


Cheryl Preish – Sr. Escrow Officer / Owner
Elizabeth Ortiz – Escrow Officer / Bilingual (Spanish)
Gloria Garriott – Sr. Escrow Officer / Exchange Specialist / Bulk Sale Specialist
Kristina Pyles – Escrow Officer / Assistant Manager
Theresa Rugg – Escrow Officer
Valerie Weir – Escrow Officer

Sandi Ali – Sr. Escrow Officer
Kim Larson – Escrow Officer
Donna J. Inman – Certified Sr. Escrow Officer, Certified Escrow Instructor
Allison Silvera – Escrow receptionist/Assistant
Jennifer Csernyanzky – Escrow Assistant / Bilingual (Spanish)
Jenessa Mercer – Business Development


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